About Us

Family Owned & Operated--Car ER

Quality Auto Service–Factory Grade Parts

At Car ER, we have a tight knit group of technicians that are dedicated to the highest standards in auto service. We’ll service your vehicle like it was our own. In essence, we treat you like family. We take pride in our exceptional customer service standards. Car ER goes above and beyond for its customers, always meeting and exceeding expectations. We understand how important a fully operational vehicle is, and we know how inconvenient expensive repairs can be. That’s why we stress our quality maintenance and build lasting relationships with our customers. Our team cares about you and your vehicle. We’ll take any repair issue personally, making sure we don’t waste any of your time or money. Maintaining cars has been our passion for years, and since we decided to open the shop in January 2013, we’ve continued to build our reputation on quality and trust.

Guaranteed Auto Repairs–3 Year Nationwide Warranty

We stand behind all of our repairs. With a team of experts on the job, you can rest assured that your repairs will be done quickly and accurately. We can promise speedy services because we know what we’re doing. When repair services take too long, some mechanics may be “figuring out” how to fix your vehicle. Car ER is here to take care of its community and we have several outreaches that keep families on the road. One of our outreaches every year is a women’s clinic that teaches mothers, daughters, and sisters about basic maintenance. The women’s night is a popular annual event that brings the community together under the common goal of quality auto care.

Come On Out to Family Day

One of the ways we keep you educated about vehicle maintenance is through our continued partnership with Family Service Day. Our small business is committed to its single parent families, and military families with a deployed service member. The talents of our technicians are offered to our community free of charge on a routine basis. We’ll dedicate a day to giving back. Give us a call at 540-434-2782 to find out about our participation in the Keeping Cars Kickin’ initiatives, or to schedule your next service appointment.