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Your vehicle’s brake service is the most important service for maintaining safe driving experiences. It’s important to keep abreast of your braking system’s condition. Drivers need to pay attention to all the warning signs that come with brakes that are in need of service. The most common sign will be a high-pitched squealing noise. This is your braking system’s alert that the brake pads have worn down too low. This may not be a time to panic, but this noise should not be ignored. Bring your vehicle to Car ER so that we can provide the appropriate preventive maintenance services. Oftentimes, drivers will continue to travel around with this noise because they do not recognize it. With the windows rolled up or the radio too loud, a vehicle’s poor brake condition can go unnoticed. If you do not notice and drive for too long, the squealing noise will turn into a scraping or grinding noise. This noise will be hard to miss and indicates a serious problem. You should cease to drive a vehicle that has braking pads that have worn down that low. This will not only lead to unbearably noisy driving, but will also lead to costly damages to your braking system.

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When you drive too long on a braking system that needs attention, you risk doing extensive damage. Some of the other signs can be felt in the steering wheel with vibration or shaking. Also, when you press on the brake pedal, it may be hard to press or be slow to respond. Car ER’s goal is to make sure you avoid any of these warning signs that lead to such costly repairs. Our brake service experts will always have your back for any brake repair need. We’ll start with a thorough inspection and an accurate diagnosis. We’re not interested in temporary fixes. We want you to say goodbye to your braking system troubles for good. If we find damage to your rotors, calipers assembly, disc pads, or any other braking system component, we can fix it!

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Come see the brake service experts in Harrisonburg, VA if you’re having troubles with your braking system. Be proactive and call us at 540-434-2782 to perform all of your brakes’ preventive maintenance services. Any brake service needs can be handled by our team so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Feel free to schedule your appointment right now using our online scheduling system. We look forward to serving you!