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When your vehicle’s check engine light pops on your dashboard, it usually appears without any warning. The check engine light is designed to give you an early alert to a problem that exists in your vehicle. Car ER in Harrisonburg, VA should be your first stop after you see that annoying red light. Even though there may not be any accompany warning signs like abnormal sounds or smoke, check engine lights should receive professional attention as soon as possible. The accurate diagnosis is the only way to find out exactly what’s wrong. There are a number of possibilities, and you should never delay in finding out the truth of what’s wrong. If you continue to drive with a check engine light you could be doing serious damage to your engine without knowing it. It’s always a good idea to bring your check engine light service needs to the experts at Car ER. Responding quickly will make sure you address the problem in enough time to avoid costly damages.

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Check engine light alerts will not prevent you from driving your vehicle. In fact, it may seem like there is nothing wrong for a long time. This can be very deceiving, leading drivers to think that this is not an emergency. The possibilities could be anything from minor repairs like a loose gas cap, or major repairs like a transmission service. Check engine light service is so important because when you prolong getting the service, you could end up on the side of the road. Drivers should take advantage of the time that your check engine light gives you, and you should choose the specialists at Car ER for quality services. We use the most advanced engine diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any check engine light problem.

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If that annoying little light has come onto your dashboard, it’s not the time to panic. But rather, it’s time to pay attention. Ignoring a check engine light will ultimately be harmful to your engine’s health. The check engine light alert is given early enough to give you time to call us at 540-434-2782 and schedule an appointment. You can also use our convenient online scheduling system right now!